We've trained over 500 Mississippi Cultivation and Dispensary Technicians. Visit our Training page to get #MississippiCannabisSchoolCertified.
MCS is for individuals looking to obtain continuing education units to obtain and/or keep a work permit valid. We also offer a variety of courses for anyone looking to start a cannabis operation. Additionally, our business solutions are a great fit for small, mid, and large cannabis corporations.
Online (Self-Paced) students can download their certificate of completion immediately after successfully completing the course and scoring 75% or above on the final exam. In-Class participants will be able to immediately download their digital certificate, and will be mailed a hard copy within 5 business days.
Because most of our students need CEUs to apply for or maintain their work permits, our courses are designed to be completed in as little as a day. Advanced courses/certifications may have a longer completion time.
We are open from 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Students must register online prior to attending a session.
Our certification program will provide students a leg-up over other non-certified applicants. Our certification shows that you have successfully completed the course and have mastered the content. We provide letters of recommendation to our graduates, and alumni are added to our private networking community.
No, you do not need a medical marijuana card to register for any of our courses/programs.
Yes, in partnership with HireBloom, we work with employers to provide placement services.