We've trained over 500 Mississippi Cultivation and Dispensary Technicians. Visit our Training page to get #MississippiCannabisSchoolCertified.

Mississippi Cannabis School

We are Mississippi’s first cannabis training and education school . Our curriculum is state-approved. 

The Mississippi Cannabis Act requires a successful completion of 8hrs of continuing education units (CEUs) in order to begin employment in a licensed cannabis operation, as well as an additional 5hrs of CEUs, annually. We work with individuals and businesses to provide the state-required training in a rigorous, engaging, compliance-friendly, skill-driven learning environment. 

Our Mission

Our company’s core reason for existing is to elevate the cannabis industry by being steadfast in our pursuit to instill our three pillars of success in every person we meet, in every interaction we make.


Our courses and programs are created by industry experts, with a track record for successfully deploying learning solutions for institutions, private organizations, and state agencies. We provide mandatory, state-required compliance courses, as well as skill-driven certifications designed to help create sustainable career pathways for individuals looking to enter and progress in the cannabis industry, as well as business leaders looking to offer continuing education opportunities for their team.


Our course content is state-specific, with a broader, national industry focus. We work with national accrediting organizations to incorporate manufacturing best practices into our curriculums. It is our goal to ensure that the companies we serve, and the people we train are forward-thinking in their approach to the systems and processes needed to provide quality medicine to cannabis patients


We help cannabis operators design, direct, and shape their organizational know-how and executive presence by offering business solutions and programs that are customized and tailored to the individual needs of each company we work with. We work alongside leaders to help build thriving, high achieving work cultures.

Our Core Values






Continuous Improvement

Our What

We help people get started in the cannabis industry. Mississippi Cannabis School provides initial compliance courses, as well as advanced job-related certifications and custom business solutions. By offering different learning environments, we cater to different types of learners. Grow at your own pace, or come in for some hand-holding.

Our How

Processing Technician

Cultivation Technician

Dispensary Technician

Customized Training

Safe Start Vendor Certification

METRC Compliance

For Individuals

Now that the medical use of cannabis has been legalized in the state of Mississippi, passionate people and advocates from all walks of life are getting in on the action, eager to contribute their knowledge and skills to this young, exciting industry.

For Businesses

We offer training solutions to business owners from all license types and sizes.Our courses and programs are team-centric, compliant-friendly, and customized based on what you need, now. On-site training is available for mid to large operators